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Understanding the G-Spot and Female Sexuality: A 10-Step by Donald L. Hicks

By Donald L. Hicks

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Since many mattresses are treated with stain-resistant protections such as ScotchGuard™ and are covered with heavy upholstery that resists permeation, the bed linens often absorb (and diffuse) the bulk of the liquid. Also, because air can travel through the weave of many bed linens, the heat quickly dissipates and causes the area to feel cool and saturated. Some researchers feel that Urinary Stress Incontinence (USI) may also play a role, as urine is sometimes released “as” or “along with” ejaculate, thus increasing the volume.

A second G-Spot-friendly position is a variation of the “missionary position”. By placing a thick pillow (or two pillows) beneath the buttocks of the female (so she’s lying with head down-hill), the penis will contact the G-Spot during entry. G-Spot/penis contact also occurs (in the missionary position) when the male kneels of sits on folded knees, with his body upright of nearly upright. Or if the female places her calves or ankles on the male’s shoulders as he enters her. Another position is “doggy-style”.

Some women report that pushing down on the pelvis, just above the pelvic bone, helps in locating the G-Spot. When you believe you’ve located your special spot, move slowly. Whether you’re using one finger or two, we recommend moving your fingers in a slow, lazy circle, as if you were tracing the rim of a nickel. Experiment. Try a light pressure at first, then a firmer touch. Tease yourself as you go. Make it deliciously slow and torturous. And above all, don’t overlook the pleasure you feel along the way by rushing to the destination.

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