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Praying Your Loved Ones Into the Kingdom by Morris Cerullo

By Morris Cerullo

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Everyone has a destiny. Understand that the first step to effectively bringing your family into the Kingdom of God is one you have already taken! By virtue of reading this book, you are exhibiting the first quality that is necessary in effective intercession for lost loved ones—love. Since you are reading this book, you must really love the person you want to see saved. That's a good thing. You see, the Bible is full of examples of dysfunctional families—families that bicker and fight, war between each other, let pride-filled arguments divide them and who seek supremacy over each other.

The prophets lived, prophesied and died believing that the promise for which they were laboring and being persecuted would come to pass... Yet, all these heroes shared the common fact that the promise did not come in their lifetimes. They lived and died believing in the promise so strongly that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for it. They gave themselves willingly to die for it, and yet they had never received it in their lifetimes. Their example is useful to us when we are praying for our lost loved ones.

But sometimes, things just don't work out that way. Many people become Christians after their children have already experienced their formative years... Their children have already formed their opinions of life, living and God long before their parents find Jesus. The children already have made up their mind, and their parents' conversions don't have the weight of influence to change their minds about the paths they have chosen. Can I be frank in this book? I know you want me to tell it like it is, so I will continue.

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