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Nonlinear Theory of Shallow Shells by Iosif I. Vorovich

By Iosif I. Vorovich

This ebook provides rigorous remedy of boundary worth difficulties in nonlinear thought of shallow shells. the respect of the issues is performed utilizing equipment of nonlinear practical analysis.

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We shall assume that the volume V is immersed into the domain of validity of S-parametrization. The surface S is called the middle surface. In this section we shall obtain the formulae for the components of the finite deformation tensor in the e-tetrahedron. Here we shall also develop a successive scheme for simplifying the main relations, which takes into account certain char­ acteristic properties of the work of a thin shell. For finite deformation we have [90, 133, 174, 184, 221, 219, 270, 237] 2 ij 2eij + uαi · uαj , 2eij rαi · uαj + rαj · uαi ei ∇j · uk ek + ej ∇i · uk ek ∇j ui + ∇i uj , i, j, k 1, 2, 3.

3) We shall call the conditions (1) and (3) the material regularity conditions. Let us also note the useful relations G12 E1 E2 E1 + E2 + E1 ν12 + E2 ν21 E1 E2 E1 + E2 + 2ν12 E1 E1 E2 . 4) 2 means that the corresponding formulae for σ22 and σ21 where the notation 1 are obtained by replacing all occurrences of the subscript 1 by 2 and vice versa. For the volume density of potential energy of deformation of the shell we have 2 where γ11 have for 2 σ11 11 + σ22 2 11 , γ12 the relation 12 22 + 2σ12 σ11 γ11 + σ22 γ22 + σ12 γ12 , 12 (1 → 2 → 3 → 1).

In this case we will identify the geometry of the middle surface with the geometry of the corresponding developable surface. Finally, we distinguish the class of properly shallow shells (PSS), for which the middle surface is close to a plane. This is precisely the class of shells studied by the founders of shallow shell theory. 6. Boundary Value Problems in Displacements 43 Let us consider the theory of PSS in more detail. Let the equations of the middle surface be f (α 1 , α 2 ). z Then for the curvatures we have fα i α j .

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