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Late Geometric Graves and a Seventh Century Well in the by Rodney S. Young, J. Lawrence Angel

By Rodney S. Young, J. Lawrence Angel

The full contents of a small Geometric interval (900-700 B.C.) cemetery of twenty graves, discovered simply south of the Tholos within the Athenian Agora, are catalogued during this e-book. 3 extra graves, a good, and choice of remoted unearths give you the writer with a mass of Geometric and proto-Attic pottery from which to advance very important typological observations approximately Attic ceramics at this formative interval.

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Diam. of foot. 16 m. Used as a lid in the mouth of VIII 1. High, heavy ring foot, very slightly flaring. Black glaze. , II, 1916, p. 27, fig. 11, from Phaleron Grave 47, a grave of the end of the eighth century. 36 RODNEY S. YOUNG VIII 3. Amphora Foot. Fig. 21 P 4609 c. Diam. 13 m. Used as a stopper in the neck of VIII 1. High, slightly flaring ring foot, somewhat smaller than VIII2, and decorated with a band of black glaze. Probably from a banded amphora like IV 1. VIII 4. Coarse Pitcher. Fig.

Grave VII, Small Vases (VII 2-9) VII 4. Cup. Fig. 20 P 4605. 047 m. Diam. 071 m. Flat bottom. Convex side wall and slightly flaring lip. Bars on the handle; glazed inside save for a reserved band around the inner edge of the rim, and a dot at the centre of the floor. Dull black glaze. , 1934, p. 241, fig. 27, left). The flattening of the shoulder so that the greatest diameter is at the lip instead of the shoulder is a late feature to be observed also in skyphoi. VII 5. Cup. Fig. 20 P 4607. 05 m.

The largest is from the broadest part of the vase, decorated with a wide figured zone. At the left end of the zone columns of diagonals to each side of a zigzag column set off the handle panel, in the preserved corner of which there is a triangle. Since this zone with its handle-panel comes at the middle of the body and not at the shoulder, the missing handle must have been a horizontal and not a vertical one, and therefore our fragments belong to a hydria rather than to an amphora. The decoration of the handle-zone consisted of a procession of at least six mourning women; they wear long dresses and raise their hands to their heads in lamentation.

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