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Old Testament

Hekón and akón in early Greek thought by GailAnn Rickert.

By GailAnn Rickert.

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3) Although, at the very least, Diodotus exaggerates the action of the Mytilenians in his efforts to save them, it is also the case that the Athenians knew about the compelling circumstances nnder which the Mytilenians surrendered. It would have to make sense to them that the demos could both be compelled to surrender and do so £1«(IV. 28 Being subject to avaYK'l does not automatically render the Athenians in Pericles' speech, or the Mytilenians aKoV,e~. These passages too are not accommodated by the FOV.

The FOV and avajl1<1J (ii) Part One In those passages collected under avaY1

Ev yap 'tU Ai8107dn eov'tt au't4> 'ret llav'tTtux. 'tOtal xpecov'tut Ai9(01tES avetAE mS I)£Ot au~ov AirU1t~ou pacrtAEUaat ihEa nEV'tTtKOV'tct. <; 'tOl> EVUnvtOU E1tE'tapa;croe, Elerov amXAAaO'O'E'to EK 'tile; AiYlm'tOl) b l:apaKros· (Hdt. 2-3) In Euripides' Heraclidae, King Demophon, preparing to defend the Heraclidae, reports that all the oracles, however varied in other ways, order the sacrifice of a maiden to Demeter's daughter: 65 (Eur. Herac/. 'UX;, 1tapa h:ouaa. 1. lau~l1s iS1tEp. 'uxoua' E'Ym KaAAtcr~ov 1liSP1lK', EUKAEroS At1tEtv Ploy.

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