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Geometric Aspects of the Abelian Modular Functions of Genus by Coble A. B.

By Coble A. B.

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This quantity specializes in quite a few elements of zeta services: a number of zeta values, Ohno’s family members, the Riemann speculation, L-functions, polylogarithms, and their interaction with different disciplines. 11 articles on fresh advances are written by way of striking specialists within the above-mentioned fields. every one article starts off with an introductory survey resulting in the fascinating new learn advancements complete via the individuals.

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Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2002 32 3. Qualitative Spatial Representation and Reasoning ledge and as such marked a starting point for qualitative physics [54, 165]. A further milestone towards establishing qualitative physics (or qualitative reasoning as it is now called) as an important sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence was the Naive Physics Manifesto [82, 83, 84] which, among other things, proposes to represent space-time with four-dimensional “histories”. Based on Hayes’s histories, Forbus [52] presented a system which reasoned about motion through free space by using again both qualitative and quantitative information.

2 Principles of Qualitative Spatial Reasoning 33 plex than time. This is mainly due to its inherent multi-dimensionality which leads to a higher degree of freedom and an increased possibility of describing entities and relationships between entities. This becomes clear when enumerating natural language expressions involving space or time. While temporal expressions mainly describe order and duration (like “before”, “during”, “long”, or “a while”) or a personal or general temporal category (like “late” or “morning”), spatial expressions are manifold.

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