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Flight Research Problems Encountered and What They Should by Milton O Thompson

By Milton O Thompson

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Remotely Piloted Research Vehicles (RPRVs) The Flight Research Center has developed a remotely piloted research technique that was first applied in the testing of an advanced lifting entry configuration, the Hyper III. The technique illustrated in Figure 12 includes basically a ground cockpit, an uplink for command control signals, and a telemetered downlink that closes the control loop through the pilot’s instruments and controls. The cockpit has all the conventional instruments and controls normally found in an aircraft, and the pilot thus has complete instrument-flight-rules flight capability.

The pilots, because they were designed into all systems, saved many missions and the aircraft itself on numerous occasions. Problems notwithstanding, Dr. [Hugh] Dryden [Director of the NACA and Deputy Administrator of NASA] referred to the X-15 flight program as the most successful research airplane program in the history of aircraft. Control-System Problems in General Flight-control systems are becoming more and more an integral element of new aircraft. Even now with the current generation of aircraft, the control-system design has in most instances been factored in to some extent before the configuration is finalized.

The lubricating oil was vaporizing at high altitude, and APUs were failing because of inadequate lubrication. MH-96 Problems The Minneapolis-Honeywell flightcontrol system [MH-96] was fairly advanced for its time. ” The original said this was the 154th flight, but as an anonymous reviewer of this publication correctly pointed out, it was the 184th flight, the 5 being an apparent typographical error. 33 30 Figure 11: X-15 No. 3 on flight 39 (3-39-62), 13 January 1965—the 125th flight of the X-15 program—in which the airplane became uncontrollable in pitch and roll for a short G time.

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