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Electronic amplifier circuits.Theory and design by Pettit J.M.

By Pettit J.M.

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4. 1 Wind Turbine Type We assume that the active power of squirrel-cage induction generator and double-fed induction generator is similar. 5km distance k1 and k2 away from the collect circuit 320 and 322, In this case, we operated the wind all generators with maximum active power output. The simulation result show that the circuit current instanours value of squirrel cage induction generator and double-fed induction generator is 4 to 5 times rated current value, because squirrel cage induction generator do not have independent field windings to develop the required electro-magnetic field in the air gap of the Short-Circuit Characteristics 31 machine, therefore, when the three phase-to-ground happen, the terminal voltage of generator have decreased and the grid can not continue to provide exciting for wind turbine, The asynchronous short circuit current contribution drops from the initial value to zero in a few cycles.

The reverse recovery time of diodes is related to the minority carrier lifetime of low-life region of, while the leakage current and forward voltage drop are almost not affected. The reverse recovery time is also related to the position of low-lifetime region. When the low-lifetime region locates in the center of the base region, the reverse recovery time is minimal. Those results provide the instructional methods and conclusions for the optimum design of base region lifetime distribution in fast soft-recovery power diode.

Keywords: local low lifetime, fast and soft recovery, reverse recovery time. 1 Introduction With the Power Electronics towards high-power, high-frequency-based and modular development, the development of the indispensable fast soft-recovery diodes (FRD), matching with the IGBT and power MOSFET high-frequency electronic devices, is urgent and has important practical significance. In recent years, a new lifetime control technology (Local lifetime control technology) has attracts more attention[1].

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