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Electrical Engineering Materials by Adrianus Dekker

By Adrianus Dekker

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3(A) indicates that the fuse size for a primary over 1000 volts and having an impedance of 6% or less is 300% of the rated current. 6. The next higher standard fuse size is 20 amperes. 3(A) indicates that if the secondary voltage is 1000 volts or less, the fuse size will be Copyright 2015 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s). Editorial review has deemed that any suppressed content does not materially affect the overall learning experience.

Several precautions should be observed when the pothead is filled with the selected compound. First, the correct compound is heated to a specified temperature (usually between 250°F and 450°F). The pothead is then filled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Extreme care must be taken to ensure that voids do not occur within the pothead where moisture can accumulate. Lightning Arresters Lightning arresters, Figure 2-9, are installed on buildings in areas where lightning storms are common.

The following formulas can be used to calculate the short-circuit current value when the transformer impedance is known. (Single-phase) ISC ϭ The Unit Substation DETERMINING TRANSFORMER FUSE SIZE The transformer impedance value is also used to determine the fuse size for the primary and secondary windings. It will be assumed that the transformer shown in Figure 2-11 is a step-down transformer and the 2400-volt winding is used as the primary and the 480-volt winding is used as the secondary. 3(A) indicates that the fuse size for a primary over 1000 volts and having an impedance of 6% or less is 300% of the rated current.

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