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Dry Mouth: The Malevolent Symptom: A Clinical Guide by Leo M. Sreebny

By Leo M. Sreebny

Xerostomia, probably referred to as dry mouth, impacts an anticipated 20 percentage of adults around the globe and will seriously scale down one s caliber of lifestyles. Dry Mouth, the Malevolent Symptom: A medical consultant depends on evidence–based study to supply an introductory primer on oral dryness and the modalities on hand to regard it. The ebook describes the various etiology of the affliction, yet emphasizes scientific protocols and step–by–step techniques for analysis and therapy planning.
Dry Mouth is a user–friendly handbook guiding clinicians via selecting and coping with this universal . reasons together with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, systemic ailments, polypharmacy, and the typical development of getting older are mentioned at the side of the scientific indicators and symptoms linked to every one. a number of avenues for therapy are offered, highlighting salivary stimulation and supplementation innovations, pharmacologic aids, and seriously required oral treatment. even if meant basically for the pros that deal with these laid low with xerostomia, Dry Mouth can also be of curiosity to victims of this .

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Dry Mouth: The Malevolent Symptom: A Clinical Guide

Xerostomia, mainly known as dry mouth, impacts an anticipated 20 percentage of adults around the world and will seriously decrease one s caliber of existence. Dry Mouth, the Malevolent Symptom: A medical advisor depends on evidence–based learn to supply an introductory primer on oral dryness and the modalities to be had to regard it.

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Bikker FJ, Ligtenberg AJM, Nazmi K, et al. 2002b. Identification of the bacteria-binding peptide domain on salivary agglutinin (gp340/DMBT1), a member of the scavenger receptor cysteine-rich superfamily. J Biol Chem 77:32109–32115. Bikker FJ, Ligtenberg AJM, Van der Wal JE, et al. 2002a. Immunohistochemical detection of salivary agglutinin/gp-340 in human parotid, submandibular, and labial salivary glands. J Dent Res 81:134–139. Bobek LA, Tsai H, Biesbrock AR, Levine MJ. 1993. Molecular cloning, sequence, and specificity of expression of the gene encoding the low molecular weight human salivary mucin (MUC7).

Prevalence of xerostomia and hyposali- 9 vation in the nursing home and the relation with number of prescribed medications. Tijdschr Gerontol Geriatr 34:30–36. 2 SALIVA: THE REMARKABLE FLUID Introduction Saliva is de facto an amazing secretion. A mere glimpse at its variant forms in the animal kingdom attests to its wonders: be it as a drop of venom from animals as diverse as the cobra and the gila monster; be it in the design of the exquisite, silvery threads of the spider ’s web; be it in the form of the Chinese bird’s nest soup, which had its humble origins in the salivary laminae of the cave swift; be it as the spaghettilike tongue of the giant anteater with its sticky ant-bonding saliva; or be it the 150–200 liters of saliva produced by ruminants each day—all affirm the multiple roles of this unique secretion.

New airline rules that ban liquids mean that I suffer tremendous discomfort until beverages are available and I can access saliva substitutes or gels. Fortunately, the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation has worked with the Transportation Security Administration to ease rules for those with health conditions. Public speaking, taking walks, and even sleeping soundly become difficult, because I frequently wake up to sip water and then awaken again to run to a bathroom because of all the liquids I have drunk.

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