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Digital Mammography: A Holistic Approach by Peter Hogg, Judith Kelly, Claire Mercer

By Peter Hogg, Judith Kelly, Claire Mercer

This e-book bargains a unmarried ebook to be utilised comprehensively as a reference guide inside of present mammographic scientific perform to be used by means of assistant practitioners and practitioners in addition to trainees in radiography and similar disciplines.

In fresh years mammographic scientific perform and know-how have developed swiftly and turn into more and more subtle, this ebook will conceal those concerns. the general public suppose more and more empowered to ‘have a say’ of their care and expectancies in their mammography adventure is excessive. for this reason a well-trained, well-informed practitioner is of paramount value in medical perform today.

This ebook addresses patient/client-related matters within the kind of mental and emotional aid they might require. it will allow the reader to realize perception into the patient/client point of view and thereby help in assembly their needs.

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The breast: morphology, physiology, and lactation. New York: Academic; 1974. 4. Ghosh K, Hartmann LC, Reynolds C, Visscher DW, Brandt KR, Vierkant RA, Scott CG, Radisky DC, Sellers TA, Pankratz VS, Vachon CM. Association between mammographic density and age-related lobular involution of the breast. J Clin Oncol. 2009; 28(13):2207–12. 5. Grainger RG, Allison DJ, Adam A, Dixon AK. Grainger and Allison’s diagnostic radiology, a textbook of medical imaging, vol. 2. 5th ed. Philadelphia: Churchill Livingstone; 2008.

7 MLO and CC views demonstrating a superficial, well defined ovoid lesion (arrow) in the inner aspect of the right breast on mammography alone can also be difficult to distinguish from fibroadenomas. Gynaecomastia Gynaecomastia is the commonest benign male breast condition, peaking in adolescence and over 50 years of age. Breast enlargement occurs due to benign ductal and stromal proliferation. There are a wide range of causes including endogenous hormonal imbalance, systemic disease, hormone producing tumours, obesity and an action of some drugs.

Simple cysts are benign and do not require any treatment or further diagnostic workup unless painful when aspiration can relieve symptoms. Complex cysts require aspiration or needle core biopsy to exclude intracystic disease [2] (Fig. 1). Fibroadenoma Cysts Breast cysts are formed when there is an accumulation of fluid within the terminal ductal lobular unit. This distension results in ovoid or circular structures that may be evident on mammography dependent on their size. Cysts are most common in pre-menopausal women in their 30s or 40s.

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