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Dictionary of the Ben cao gang mu, Volume 1: Chinese by Zhibin Zhang

By Zhibin Zhang

The Ben cao gang mu, compiled within the moment 1/2 the 16th century via a group led by way of the general practitioner Li Shizhen (1518–1593) at the foundation of formerly released books and modern wisdom, is the biggest encyclopedia of usual background in a protracted culture of chinese language materia medica works. Its description of just about 1,900 pharmaceutically used typical and man-made components marks the apex of the advance of premodern chinese language pharmaceutical wisdom. The Ben cao gang mu dictionary deals entry to this awesome paintings of 1,600,000 characters. this primary ebook in a three-volume sequence analyzes the which means of 4,500 old sickness phrases.

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54 ĸ Refers to the condition of satiation experienced by a person after having dined. BCJJZ preface: ⯵൘僘儃㘵ˈᇌ伭┯㘼൘ཌ, “When the disease is in the bone marrow, it is advisable [to take medication] after one has eaten to satiation and fullness at night”. Bao qi ᳤≓, violent qi [3] PC of a sudden, violent outbreak of disease. LS 1: ଑࡙䠍㘵ˈབྷྲ∲ˈф଑ ф䣣ˈѝ䓛ᗞབྷˈԕਆ᳤≓, “The round-sharp needle has the size of a hair. It is both round and pointed. In its middle it is a little more massive. It serves to eliminate violent qi”.

The complete entry reads as follows: Gui tai 公㛾, demon fetus [10] PC of Æ zheng jia ⲕⱅ, concretion-illness and conglomeration-illness, assuming an appearance of pregnancy, with blocked menses and abdominal distension. ” The term mu nüe ⢑ⱗ, “male malaria,” is known from three earlier appearances in medical literature. In the Jin gui yao lüe 䠁ॡ㾱⮕, chapter 1, one finds the following wording: ⢑㹓⒟ˈ⋫⢑ⱗ Decoction with mu li serves to treat mu-malaria. The term mu in mu li ⢑㹓, literally “male oysters,” and mu nüe ⢑ⱗ, literally “male malaria,” is identical.

Bai xue ᮇ㹰, rotten blood [39] ķ PI identical with Æ e xue ᜑ㹰ķ, malign blood. HJJF 8: ႖Ӫ⭒ᖼᮇ㹰н ⴑˈ㹰䘧ǃ㹰䙻, “[For] women who experience following delivery an incomplete discharge of rotten blood, blood[-induced] mental confusion, blood[-induced brain] movements”. ĸ PC identical with Æ e xue ᜑ㹰ĸ, malign blood. BCTJ SE lan shi 㯽ሖ˖⋫ ႖Ӫᮇ㹰⭊֣, “It is very good for curing women with rotten blood”. Bai yi ⲭ㘣, white shade [5] AN bai mo ⲭ㟌 PC of Æ mu yi ⴞ㘣, eye shade, with a white, speckled membrane. MYBL SE xian shi 㧗ሖ˖ѫⲭ㘣ˈ⇪㴄㸢, “It controls white shade and kills roundworms”.

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