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Dictionary of Scientific Biography, Volume 8: Lane to by Charles Coulston Gillispie

By Charles Coulston Gillispie

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SECONDARY LITERATURE . For valuable obituary notices, see W . M . Fletcher, in Journal of Physiology, 61 (1926), 1-27, which contains a full bibliography ; and in Proceedings of the Royal Society, 101B (1927), xxxiii-xli ; and C . S . Sherrington, in Dictionary of National Biography, 1922-1930, pp . 478-481 . For background on some of Langley's research and on his place in the Cambridge school, see Gerald L . D . dissertation, Yale, 1970) . His place in the recent history of pharmacological physiology and junctional transmission receives brief attention in Alfred Fessard, "Claude Bernard and the Physiology of Junctional Transmission," in Claude Bernard and Experimental Medicine, Francisco Grande and Maurice B .

He carried the value of n to 28 decimal places by means of a method in which he seems to have joined the quadratrix of the ancients to trigonometric considerations . He thought that lie had found a better approximation than that of Ludolf van Ceulen, who had used the Archimedean method of inscribed and circumscribed polygons and had carried the value of 7 to thirty-five decimal places in 1615 . In his Progynmasmatum astronomiae rest itutae de motto solis (Middelburg, 1619) Van Lansberge taught the probability of the earth's motion according to the Copernican doctrine ; the same is true of Bedenckingen op den dagelyckschen, ende jaerlyckschen loop ran den aerdt-kloot (Middelburg, 1629), translated into Latin by M .

Although deeply interested in science, he chose the more exacting curriculum of the School of Mines . "The course was strong in chemistry," he said later . " He received the degree of metallurgical engineer (equivalent to bachelor of science) in 1903 and decided to enter on a course of postgraduate study in Germany . He hesitated between Leipzig and Gottingen and chose the latter, where he worked under 22 LANGMUIR LANGMUIR Walther Nernst on the dissociation of various gases by a glowing platinum wire, research that became the topic of his 1906 doctoral dissertation .

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