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Dictionary of Biological Psychology by Philip Winn

By Philip Winn

This can be the 1st accomplished Dictionary to hide the terminology of this quickly turning out to be box. With this new source, scholars and execs can achieve quick entry to brief, understandable definitions - in non-specialist language - of over 4000 phrases drawn from various non-psychological resources, with insurance of key components in scientific medication, psychiatry and neuroscience in addition to professional components of psychology akin to ethology, studying concept and psychophysics.

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For example, solving a written multiplication problem involves, among other abilities, comprehending the multiplication sign, recognizing the digits in the problem, recalling the sequence of steps for performing multidigit multiplications, retrieving arithmetic facts from memory and writing the digits of the answer. Disruption or abnormal development of any processes required for a numerical skill will result in impairment on that skill, with the specific form of impairment depending upon what particular processes are affected.

Activation-synthesis hypothesis see dreaming active avoidance Avoidance behaviour occurs when organisms behave in such a way as to decrease the probability of an AVERSIVE STIMULUS being presented or encountered. Avoidance is distinguished from ESCAPE by the occurrence of the aversive event; escape occurs when Entries A-Z 21 the animal escapes from or terminates an aversive stimulus, whereas avoidance occurs when the animal avoids the aversive stimulus altogether. Active avoidance is characterized by the animal actively engaging in a response that delays or cancels the presentation of an aversive stimulus.

Nicotinic ACh receptors are LIGAND-gated receptors; muscarinic ACh receptors are G PROTEIN coupled. Both types of receptor are found in the brain and spinal cord and in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. ACh receptors have been implicated in many CNS processes, from learning and memory, through the control of eating and drinking to reward processes. Nicotinic receptors—so-called because they are the receptors that bind the drug NICOTINE—are made from four GLYCOPROTEIN subunits (alpha, beta, gamma and delta): two of the alpha subunits are present with one of each of the others.

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