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Diamond Mask (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) by Julian May

By Julian May

The twenty first century used to be drawing to an in depth, and metapsychic humankind was once poised eventually to accomplish cohesion -- to be admitted into the crowd brain of the already unified alien races of the Galactic Milieu. yet a turning out to be corps of rebels used to be plotting to maintain the folks of Earth endlessly separate within the identify of human individuality. And the rebels had a mystery supporter: Fury, the insane metapsychic creatrue that might cease at not anything to say humanity for itself. Fury's maximum enemy used to be the mutant genius Jack the Bodiless, whose energy it craved. yet Jack might by no means be a device for Fury . . .
And so it grew to become to Dorothea Macdonald, a tender girl who had spent a life-time hiding her towering mindpowers from the easiest brain readers of the Milieu. yet she couldn't cover them from Fury -- or from Jack. again and again she rejected their advances, unwilling to be drawn into the maelstrom of galactic politics or megalomaniacal goals. And in spite of everything, not anyone -- no longer Jack, now not Fury, no longer even the Galactic Milieu -- will be a fit for the amazing powers of the lady who might emerge as known as Diamond masks . . .

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I think the presentist would do better to look elsewhere for a solution to the problem of tensed plural quantifiers. A safe refuge, I think, is to claim that he just has a primitive understanding of them. Nobody can deny that tensed plural quantifiers are part of the language that we all speak, and that we all understand. If they cannot be analysed as unmarked quantifiers within the scope of tense operators, and if they cannot be understood as quantifiers over a domain of surrogates, so be it. Analysis—who needs it?

The Roman Empire) existed or will exist which aren’t present. The upshot: presentism is a trivial truism or an obvious falsehood. 1 Let us call this the ‘‘triviality argument’’ against presentism. I shall argue for two claims in this paper. First, the triviality argument is unsound. And second, its conclusion is false: presentism is neither banal nor manifestly false. I begin by spelling out the triviality argument more carefully. 1. 2 But the sentence (Pr) Only present things exist 1 Lawrence Lombard raises a version of this objection (Lombard 1999, pp.

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