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Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal by Michael P. Federle MD FACR, Siva P. Raman MD

By Michael P. Federle MD FACR, Siva P. Raman MD

Ideal for trainees and training radiologists, Diagnostic Imaging: Gastrointestinal, 3rd Edition offers accomplished insurance of each very important subject in stomach and gastrointestinal imaging. that includes an elevated variety of illustrations, graphics, and multimodality imaging, this up to date clinical reference ebook will help you in spotting the attribute and variation appearances of either common and unusual belly problems. User-friendly bulleted textual content and a uniform bankruptcy format let quick and easy entry to the an important wisdom you need!

  • Expanded assurance of an important themes and trends
  • in fluoroscopic assessment of the GI tract, together with evaluate of sufferers earlier than and after bariatric surgical procedure, fundoplication, and surgical procedure for esophageal carcinoma.

  • Updated sections protecting issues of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas with details and photographs relating to new category and remedy implications for pancreatitis, together with autoimmune (IgG4-related) pancreatitis.
  • Increased variety of illustrations of all acceptable imaging modalities, resembling multiplanar CT, sonography, MR, and PET/CT.
  • Offers details on all sorts of acute and protracted hepatitis and cirrhosis, in addition to severe wisdom relating to imaging concepts that permit radiologists to differentiate between focal lesions within the cirrhotic liver.
  • Essential information is distilled right into a succinct, bulleted layout with a variety of top quality photographs and "Key evidence" bins to facilitate learning.
  • Expert seek advice booklet model integrated with purchase. This more advantageous e-book event allows you to go looking the entire textual content, figures, references, and movies from the booklet on a number of units.

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The findings were due to aggressive IV hydration of the patient and resolved by the following morning. (Left) This young man was injured in an MVC. CT shows diffuse infiltration of the peripancreatic and mesenteric fat planes. The IVC and renal veins appear flattened ſt. (Right) CT in the same patient shows the classic "shock bowel" appearance of intense mucosal enhancement and submucosal edema. All of these findings are explainable by severe hypotension alone. There was no abdominal visceral or bowel injury, and a repeat CT scan the next morning was completely normal.

Bone Infarcts From Other Causes • Trauma, steroid use, lupus erythematosus, Gaucher disease, hemophilia, thalassemia, etc. ) 24 – Patients often also have chronic low-level pain ○ Acute chest syndrome: Chest pain, fever, cough ○ Hand-foot syndrome: Dactylitis with severe pain and swelling of hands/feet (usually children < 3 years old) ○ Fatigue and poor stamina due to chronic anemia ○ Lab findings: Mild to moderate anemia (hematocrit of 20-30%), reticulocytosis, elevated lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), sickled RBCs on peripheral blood smear • Other signs/symptoms ○ Strokes may be clinically silent or symptomatic ○ Biliary colic and cholecystitis due to gallstones ○ Pulmonary hypertension ○ High-output cardiac failure due to anemia Demographics • Age ○ Usually diagnosed in newborns, but symptoms first manifest after 6 months • Epidemiology ○ Endemic in African Americans – 1:5,000 infants overall and 1:500 African American newborns in USA Natural History & Prognosis • Painful vasoocclusive crises present in 1/2 of SCA patients prior to 5 years of age • Acute chest syndrome accounts for 25% of deaths ○ Other causes include stroke, sepsis, and acute sequestration syndrome ○ Acute sequestration syndrome – Significant percentage of blood volume sequestered in organ (most often spleen) – May be life threatening, resulting in vascular collapse • Prognosis dramatically improved with more sophisticated therapies, with median survival in USA now 40-50 years ○ In adulthood, end organ failure (especially lungs and kidney) has major impact on survival Treatment • Pain control in acute pain crises • Hydroxyurea can ↑ hemoglobin levels and can help patients with symptomatic anemia and pain symptoms • Transfusions utilized in select situations, including acute severe anemia, acute chest syndrome, and acute strokes ○ Iron chelation agents may be needed to treat resultant iron overload as result of multiple transfusions • Pain control, oxygen, antibiotics, and transfusions for acute chest syndrome • Bone marrow or stem cell transplant can be curative DIAGNOSTIC CHECKLIST Consider • Consider sickle cell anemia in young African American patients when confronted with absent or small/calcified spleen, gallstones, or characteristic bone findings SELECTED REFERENCES 1.

This patient was a young female college exchange student from Asia. (Right) Axial CECT in the same patient shows mural thickening of the cecum st, along with regional mesenteric lymphadenopathy ﬇ typical of intestinal and nodal involvement by TB. (Left) Axial CECT show a small, nonfunctional, and partially calcified "putty" kidney st, typical of chronic TB infection of the kidney. The patient had a known history of pulmonary TB. (Right) Axial NECT shows calcification from healed TB granulomas within retroperitoneal and retrocrural nodes st.

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