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Dental Materials and Their Selection, Fourth Edition by William Joseph O'Brien

By William Joseph O'Brien

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Several contributors to the third edition are also recognized for their valuable contributions: Dr Raymond L. Bertolotti, Dr Gerald N. Glickman, Dr Eugene F. Huget, Dr Ann-Marie L. Neme, and Dr Denis C. Smith. Finally, I want to acknowledge the staff at Quintessence for their expert assistance in preparing this book for publication. Contributors Kenzo Asaoka, BS, PhD, FADM Professor Department of Biomaterials and Bioengineering Institute of Health Biosciences The University of Tokushima Graduate School Tokushima, Japan Ch 19 舦 High-Temperature Investments William A.

For example, if the stress raiser in our block of material were a sharp notch rather than a semicircular groove, the stress would increase greatly at the tip of the notch (Fig 1-2c). The minute scratches on the surfaces of nearly all materials behave as sharp notches whose tips are as narrow as the spacing between atoms in the material. Thus, the stress concentration at the tips of these scratches reaches the theoretic strength of the material at relatively low average stress. When the theoretic strength of the material is exceeded at the tip of the notch, the bonds at the tip break (Fig 1-3a).

Similarly, ceramics can be characterized as strong yet brittle, and polymers tend to be flexible (low elastic modulus) and weak. Understanding just one key concept for each of the three basic materials gives us significant insight into their ability to function as restorative dental material, as well as their potential if some of their limitations can be overcome. The relationships among the three basic materials are shown in Fig 1-1. Fig 1-1 A tree diagram classifying the three basic materials.

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