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Dennett and Ricoeur on the Narrative Self by Joan Mccarthy

By Joan Mccarthy

The most thesis during this ebook is that, the self is healthier conceived as a story solidarity and that this belief is a favorable replacement to standard philosophical ideas to the matter of human id which forged the self as both monstrous or illusory.

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His thesis on per­ sonal identity is primarily intended to provide an account of the self as someone who is concerned about her future, capable of immortality, morally responsible, and accountable. The Lockean formulation of the problem of personal identity could be viewed as antici­ pating contemporary interest in conceiving the self nar­ ratively because of its mixed metaphysical underpin- The Naturalist Narrative Self 61 nings, its focus on delivering a particular kind of self, and its attention to the self-constituting aspects of conscious­ ness.

Granted the innovativeness of Dennett's approach, several objections can be leveled at his account of the narrative self, which I explore in the following chapter. 67 The Naturalist Narrative Self N OTES TO CHAPTER 2 1 . Dennett, GE, pp . 427, 43 1 . As early as 1 979, Dennett anticipated his account of the self as a "theorist's fiction" in his essay on the "Conditions of Personhood" where he concluded that: [i] t might turn out, for instance, that the concept of a person is only a free-floating honorific that we are all happy to apply to ourselves, and to others as the spirit moves us, guided by our emotions, aesthetic sensibili­ ties, considerations of policy, and the like- just as chic are al and only those who can get chic by others who consider chic.

4 1 . Thomas Nagel expresses the problem a s the fact that consciousness. " Philosophical Review 4 [ 1 986] : 435- 50) . John Searle suggests that Dennett has simply explained consciousness away (see Searle , The Rediscovery of the Mind [Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1 992] and "Consciousness Denied : Daniel Dennett's Account," in The Mystery of Consciousness [London: Granta Publications, 1 998] , pp . 98- 1 3 1) . " (see Boden, "Consciousness and Human Identity: An Interdisciplinary Perspective," in Consciousness and Human Identity, ed.

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