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Deep-water fisheries of the North Atlantic oceanic slope : by Alan G Hopper

By Alan G Hopper

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Read Online or Download Deep-water fisheries of the North Atlantic oceanic slope : [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Deep-Water Fisheries of the North Atlantic Oceanic Slope, Hull, U.K., March 1 - 4, 1994] / [...] XD-US PDF

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Extra info for Deep-water fisheries of the North Atlantic oceanic slope : [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Deep-Water Fisheries of the North Atlantic Oceanic Slope, Hull, U.K., March 1 - 4, 1994] / [...] XD-US

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Whatever it was that affected catch rates on the shelf did not translate onto the upper slope. 9 kg in 1991), Greenland halibut, and even witch flounder (Fig. 9) was observed in both places, as was the increase in size of the broadhead wolffish. Even though catch rates appear to have behaved independently, population structure as reflected in the size of species showed a coherent pattern on the shelf and on the slope. Bowering (1987) and Bowering and Brodie (1991) pointed out how sizes and other related life history characteristics have changed in flatfish species, including Greenland halibut and witch, in the region.

OL--L__ 79 80 L-~ 81 -- _ _~~_ _J-~_ _~~_ _~~~~ 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 YEAR - Centroscyllium • - Macrourus _. Nezumia + Antimora Figure 8. Mean sizes (gm/individual) of selected typical upper slope species in the Deep Group, 1979 to 1991. 40 On the upper slope, the distribution patterns of ranking shelf and slope species may overlap within certain depth ranges but most likely do not broadly coincide. The survey depths for the most part, and probably the commercial fishing depths too only reached a relatively small portion of the full depth range of the deep water species.

32, Los Angeles, pp. 175-185. G. and Bertelsen, E. (1992) Fisk i grenlandske farvande, Atuakkiorfik, Nuuk. E. (this volume) 'Deep water fisheries, policy/management issues, and the sustainability offishing communities', in: AG. ), Deep Water Fisheries of the North Atlantic Oceanic Siope, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. J. and Tyler, A V. , 83,507-520. N. M. (1970) Trawling resources of the North-Atlantic continental slope, Israel Program for Scientific Translations, 1971, no. 5977, pp. 1-66.

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