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Databook of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine by Prof. Dr. Patrick Anthony Foster, Dr. James A. Roelofse

By Prof. Dr. Patrick Anthony Foster, Dr. James A. Roelofse (auth.)

This booklet is meant to compile info and scientific guidance for these enthusiastic about the perform of anaesthesia, whether or not they be experts or now not. it's designed to be a real instruction manual that might accompany its proprietor into the working theatre, the place it is going to function a pragmatic reference advisor, now not as a textbook. We welcome remark, feedback, and recommendations for development of the contents; correspondence might be addressed to the authors at P. O. field sixty three, Tygerberg 7505, Republic of South Africa. we want to recognize support obtained from our colleagues through the years of ebook: Dr. T.J.V.Voss, Prof. G.G.Harrison, Dr. C. M. Lewis, Dr. W. B. Murray, Prof. A. R. Coetzee, and Dr. W. L. van der Merwe. Acknowledgement is additionally made to "Anaesthesia Guidelines", lengthy in view that out of print, on which the 1st version of this guide was once established in 1978. Tygerberg, South Africa, may well 1987 P.A.Foster l.A. Roelofse v Contents bankruptcy 1 I. Pre-anaesthetic evaluation and education three A. Anaesthetic danger review three B. Cardiac chance Index . . . . . . 6 C. breathing possibility evaluation 7 D. Hepatic Reserve and Anaesthetic probability eight E. Pre-anaesthetic fee record . . . . . . . eight F. precise fee of Anaesthetic computing device 10 G. specifications for Paediatric Anaesthesia .

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Cardiovascular, Renal, and CSF Values A. Normal Cardiovascular Values 1. Adults Blood volume: 5%-7% of body weight in adults 8%-9% of body weight in newborn Distribution of cardiac output to tissues (as % of cardiac output at rest) Brain Heart Kidney Splanchnic bed Muscle and skin Fat Other Total 12% 5% 25% 25% 25% 5% 8% } } } } Vessel-rich group = 9% of body weight Muscle group = 50% body weight Fat ± 19% body weight Vessel-poor group = 22% body weight 100% 2. Neonatal Rate Blood volume Blood pressure (mean) HCT(%) O 2 consumption 140/min 85-100 mllkg 56±8 Torr 54±8 6mllkg/min B.

39% NaCI 22-37 s Over 80% consumed in 1 h 100% (calculated from prothrombin time) Same as control (control should be 11-16s) Compared with normal control 70%-130% E. Blood Components and Clotting Factors International nomenclature for clotting factors Factor Substance I II III Fibrinogen Prothrombin Tissue thromboplastin Calcium ions Labile factor Not assigned Stable factor Antihaemophilic factor (AHF) Christmas factor Stuart-Power factor Plasma thromboplastin antecedent (PTA) Contact factor Fibrin-stabilizing factor IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII The anticoagulant effect of heparin is due to interference in the thrombin fibrinogen reaction and the potentiation of antithrombin III.

F. F. 0 " No upper limit figures have been published b Above clinically used concentrations 31 H. 71 mm Hg is for 27°. &M%~%%~m Relative humidity G/o 32 I. S. Vapour - e. g. water vapour - do not alter the relative composition of air, but reduce the pressure exerted by the gases in the mixture. J. Atmospheric Pressure The atmospheric pressure is a general reference level for most biological pressure readings. Such pressures which are measured as a deviation from the atmospheric are termed gauge pressures or ATU (AT tiber).

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