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D20 Forgotten Heroes - Paladin

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Calling upon his deity, a paladin uses stand together to allow him to share his divine empowerment with allies. Throughout the spell’s duration, allies are able to use the paladins saving throws instead of their own, if they are superior. This is not two-way link as the paladin is giving of himself for the greater good and the Paladin cannot gain the benefit of other’s saving throws. Given the nature of this experience, paladins use stand together only for the noblest of purposes. PURIFY MOUNT Transmutation (Healing) Level: Paladin 2 Components: V, S Casting Time: 1 minute Range: Touch Target: One mount Duration: Instantaneous Saving Throw: None Spell Resistance: No SOUL BURN Evocation Level: Cleric 3, Paladin 3 Components: V, S, DF Casting Time: 1 action Range: medium (100ft.

This is achieved by convincing listeners that such a course of action is called for within the religion’s doctrines. These are typically such things as boycotting a merchant who is exploiting customers, marching upon the local noble’s mansion to demand better field rights or organising a group to burn down the old mansion that harbours the undead count. To succeed, the character must pass a knowledge (religion) skill check at DC 20 to affect groups of up to 25 people. Add + 5 to the DC for each additional 15 people to be affected.

33 - Forgotten Heroes: PALADIN Powers of the Faithful Below is a complete summary list of all paladin spells, including those provided here, those listed in Core Rulebook I and those presented in Relics and Rituals from Sword and Sorcery Studios. 3RD LEVEL SPELLS Channel Healing. Allows use of lay on hands at range. Cure Moderate Wounds. Cures 2d8+1/level (max +10). Discern Lies. Reveals deliberate falsehoods. Dispel Magic. Cancels magical spells and effects. Divine Warding. Cancel half damage from evil sources (max.

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