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Cross Your Heart, Connie Pickles by Sabine Durrant

By Sabine Durrant

Welcome to the realm of Connie Pickles. ally number one - Julie: significant boobs. titanic rules. titanic fibber. ally #2 - William: Giver of chocolate buttons. A shoulder for Connie to cry on. Makes different ladies flutter and blush. ally #3 - Delilah: hormone-crazed sufferer of a girls-only institution. Flutters and blushes much. mom: French. attractive. Broke. Bra-expert. A romantic catastrophe quarter. wishes support. Connie was the single brilliant individual in her global. yet now her existence is spiralling uncontrolled. Her mom refuses to fall for the correct guy, William is appearing unusually and Connie's personal middle is in tatters. So with a bit support (and loads of trouble) from her buddies, she units out to unravel the everlasting mysteries of affection, funds, French issues (including kisses) and really uncomfortable undies.

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The sons and daughters can’t have an honest discussion with him about their salaries and other matters because he has always taken care of them and to do so would question dad’s intentions. So they WHEN THERE’S CONFLICT 37 can’t ask for a raise, inquire about estate planning, or raise any sensitive subject. In still another case, the family so values harmony that its way of dealing with conflict is to avoid it. As the children grow up and join their parents in the business, the family continues to avoid conflict.

The Shuttle Diplomat. This person serves as a buffer between two family members but does not take sides. He listens to the complainer and encourages the individual to try to see the matter from the viewpoint of the one he’s complaining about. To a daughter who is angry because she thinks her father doesn’t trust her, The Shuttle Diplomat might reframe the conflict, saying, “What you might think about before you go see him again is this. He’s 67 years old. He’s put his life into this company. His parents lived through the Depression and they taught him to conserve cash.

Consider another scenario that directly affects you, the nonfamily employee. Suppose you work in a business where family employees are not bound by the compensation system that applies to the rest of the employees, and Alex, a young family member, works for you. Alex has two siblings in the business and their father has just given them all a $15,000 raise. Dad’s reasoning is that his children are moving forward in their lives and careers. They’re getting married and starting families. They need more money.

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