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Crepuscular dawn by Paul Virilio

By Paul Virilio

E-book used to be nice yet I hold going again to the canopy. Who says "you cannot pass judgement on a booklet by way of its cover". Wow that images is compelling. So clean, so new. who's the photographer???

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And if it is not incarnatus, it is a monstrosity. So I am opposed not only to fascism, as many people are, thank God, but also to eugenics, and still more to the traffic in genetics which is in the works for the human genome. This is very important: the body is central, and each catastrophe is an initiation. ” Save Our Souls, SOS. Given catastrophes today, like genetics, now it’s Save Our Bodies. How would you say it in English... (Laughs) Well, it would be SOB… Do you know what this means in English?

There is a politics of bodies in dance that was forgotten in the industrial revolution, all in favor of the robot, in favor of the car in which you are tossed around. Like the oblique, the body collapses space into time. Oh yes. From the moment you consider a human body in motion—this is the choreographic dimension, and not simply the geographic and scenographic dimensions: the gesture of the body in space—the question of time is raised. Dance is an art of time, just like the theater. The Two Spaces Even in the architecture of the future?

We had a lot of choices to play with, but they were dependent on the experiment. We had wooden structures, and we were going to live on top of them ... It’s like the fair you mentioned earlier. Were they temporary structures? Yes. They were suspended up there. And what kind of model did you have in mind? 9 The relationship to time, which is linked to the twenty-four-hour cycle. When I was getting the “Pendular Destabilizer No. ” Do you remember Siffre and his cave? He is the man who remained in the dark some four-hundred fifty feet underground for two months in the south of France, only connected to the outside world by radio.

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