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Cosmology, Physics, and Philosophy: Including a New Theory by Benjamin Gal-Or

By Benjamin Gal-Or

What is unorthodox during this publication? a lot has occurred within the previous couple of years, particularly by way of the just a little surpris­ ing fee at which the theories provided herein were gaining expanding recognition and aid even by way of the main skeptical pros. however, the aim of this up-dated Preface isn't really to inform the biographical and recognition tale at the back of this ebook, yet to assemble a few non-physical and non­ technical conclusions for these readers who locate the physico-mathematical sections of this e-book too tough to stick with. A secondary goal is to give right here a few more recent conclu­ sions, specially quite often philosophy and in aesthetics. but, the most physico­ philosophical conclusions offered during this publication should not to be summarized right here. For that function one needs to tum to the textual content itself. * * * The theories offered the following were constructed in overall isolation. They have been by no means provided in "professional conferences", as most modern writers do. even if that was once vital is still visible. for that reason, all i will nation to critics and enthusiastic keep on with­ ers alike is the truth that i don't belong to any 'formal discipline', 'pressure group', or 'pro­ fessional organization'.

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Bonner, Z. Astrophys. 39,143 (1956) *** S. Weinberg, Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications of the General Theory of Relativity, Wiley, N. Y. 1972 pp. 578-588. See also G. B. Field "The Formation and Early Dynamical History of Galaxies" and K. C. Freeman "Stellar Dynamics and the Structure of Galaxies" in Galaxies and the Universe, (Vol. IX in Stars and Stellar System), A. Sandage, M. Sandage, and J. , The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1975. 12 Introduction philosophy, he knew Einstein intimately and long.

But it is due to the expansion that they disappear giving back their energy. Not so for neutrinos. For t < 1 seconds. the so-called "statistical equilibrium" between neutrons, n, and protons, p, depends on the weak interaction with electronic neutrinos. Ve' and antineutrinos ve. l) (2) (3) Thus, these require the presence of electron-positron pairs. Since at t = -1 second these pairs disappear abruptly, the nip ratio is frozen at a value of 1 to 5 (about 15 % neutrons) for a few hundred seconds.

According to these theories, and to more recent ones,*** the expansion of the universe emerges as the very cause for theformation of protogalactic fluctuations. Coupled with the effects of the cosmic black-body radiation and cooling due to expansion, the amplitudes of the fluctuations grow under the influence of its own gravitation. Here the effects of dissipation of energy may also become important (Lecture VI). Once the fluctuations grow into self-gravitating systems, the evolution follows the various processes to be described in Lecture I.

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