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Cochlear Mechanics: Introduction to a Time Domain Analysis by Hendrikus Duifhuis

By Hendrikus Duifhuis

The box of cochlear mechanics has acquired an expanding curiosity over the past few many years. within the majority of those reviews the researchers use linear platforms research or linear approximations of the nonlinear (NL) structures. although it has been transparent that the intact cochlea operates nonlinearly, loss of instruments for correct nonlinear research, and greatly on hand instruments for linear research nonetheless bring about inefficient and probably wrong interpretation of the biophysics of the cochlea. An instance is the presumption switch in cochlear stiffness at hair mobilephone point needs to account for the saw switch in tuning (or frequency mapping) as a result of prestin program. Hypotheses like this have to be addressed in an academic that's lucid sufficient to research and clarify simple alterations.

Cochlear Mechanics offers an invaluable and mathematically justified/justifiable strategy mostly a part of the textual content, an strategy that might be elucidated with transparent examples. The publication might be invaluable to scientists in auditory neuroscience, in addition to graduate scholars in biophysics/biomedical engineering.

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For instance, the experiments of Held and Kleinknecht had shown that lesions in the basilar membrane only destroyed hearing at the frequencies corresponding to the lesions, implying that the BM was in motion beyond the lesion. This would be impossible if the wave traveled along the membrane (Held and Kleinknecht 1927). Instead, it was argued, the motion of the basilar membrane actually was more like a surface wave, reflecting motion of the fluid in the cochlear channels. Von B´ek´esy argued that he did not specify in which medium the traveling was done, and that he used the term to describe the appearance of the motion pattern.

Ellis (1885) of 4th German edition (1877), publ. by Dover in 1954. Hind JE, Rose JE, Brugge JF, Anderson DJ (1970) Two-tone masking effects in squirrel monkey nerve fibers. In: Plomp R, Smoorenburg GF (eds) Frequency Analysis and Periodicity Detection in Hearing, Sijthoff, Leiden Hodgkin AL, Huxley AF (1952a) The components of membrane conductance in the gaint axon of loligo. J Physiol 116:473–496 Hodgkin AL, Huxley AF (1952b) Currents carried by sodium and potassium ions through the membrane of the gaint axon of loligo.

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