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Cochimi and proto-Yuman: Lexical and syntactic evidence for by Mauricio J Mixco

By Mauricio J Mixco

Xiv + one hundred twenty five pages together with 2 appendices and references, research of Cochimi, an extinct language of decrease California, Mexico and Yuman, bw illustrations

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Extra info for Cochimi and proto-Yuman: Lexical and syntactic evidence for a new language family in Lower California (University of Utah anthropological papers ; no. 101)

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Final velar nasal: examples. ) n ñ x ? i u (e) (o) xw a l w y Fig. 5. Sounds used in the regularized orthography. < previous page page_19 next page > < previous page page_1 next page > Page 1 Cochimi and Proto-Yuman: Lexical and Syntactic Evidence for a New Language Family in Lower California < previous page page_1 next page > < previous page page_21 next page > Page 21 Cochimi Syntax Higher Predicates and the Simple Sentence The simple sentence in Cochimí is predicate-final, as displayed in Diagram 1.

116) . . met-t-kwi-ñi omwi ( . . greatly-happy-much-much moreover great-place-obj-hear-not emph) (DB-D-7) ' . . uy-ibaxa-iba . . buxwet . . luxu (rel heaven-loc be loc[pl] and great-happy-much-much . . rather . . more) (DB-D-17) 'In addition those in heaven are extremely happy . . ' (119) n-Æ-godoño-ami-iba muwixi yaa buxwet (g)it xi komenda . . (obj-3-love[pl]-well-much and dem furthermore see and know . . ) (DB-D-19) '(They) love each other dearly and furthermore (they) see and understand (each other) clearly' Ducrue's Specimina (Burrus 1967b, 136) contain two forms for 'but', guimib and iguimil, probably pronounced something like wimib and iwimil respectively (note the wi 'existential predicate' again), as well as for 'and' (120) kenada-papa urap 1-si wimib texunoy (father-poss,1 eat and obj-drink but little) (Du-20) 'My father eats and drinks but (it is) little' (121) kata-wa gadey iwimil t-kwi-ñi (reed-sit see but obj-hear-not) (Du-22) 'The fish sees but does not hear' Del Barco describes the function of udemi 'if' as a discontinuous morpheme with < previous page page_39 next page > < previous page page_40 next page > Page 40 a following kaxí: '' .

There is, in fact, an emphatic idiom (henceforth to be glossed as such) consisting maximally of duuñip-teegyi-omwi. -m-ra·y ('thing-good') which also occurs in sentence-final position serving as a superlative adverbial. The following sentences exemplify the maximal string of emphatics in Cochimí. uy=axal=ku naxwa duuñip-omwi (There happy-not-adj not be emph idiom) (DB-D-10) 'There, sadness cannot exist' (24) Dios-mo . . ke-menaba-wi-iba kaeldugua guinyi teegyi-duuñip-omwi (God-subj . . greatly-beautiful-very-much superlative idiom emph idiom) (DB-D-23) 'God (alone) .

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