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Can We Have Our Ball Back?: Read-to-Me Storybook ( by HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks

By HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks

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The morning came. bank far as the The king was going of the river, so he rode first, as as he had done at Ethelswitha's wedding, with AlThen came Bishop fred on his horse before him. who was to be Alfred's especial guarthen dian, Wynfreda the nurse and two other women to assist her ; and then came a long retinue of armed men, for the king's son must Swithin, go in state. When the procession was ready to go, Osburga stood in the door of the palace with Alfred cling- She wore a robe of deep blue richly embroidered with gold.

Arose straightway The Giver of joy to the angels; the billows were silenced, The whelm of the waves and the winds was stilled at his word, The sea was calm and the ocean-streams smooth in their limits. There was joy in our hearts when under the circle of heaven The winds and the waves and the terror of waters, themselves In fear of the glorious Lord became fearful. Wherefore the living God 'tis truth that I tell you Never forsakes on this earth a If only his heart is true The and young man tall man in his trouble, his courage unfailing/' listened as eagerly as the child, but when at the end she said " I will give it to any one of you who will : learn to repeat " Will you learn " it," Alfred spoke really give it to the first : one that will ' it ?

Rings and bracelets and chains, She wore more than ever even at their greatest banquets. The in looked at her and she said: king surprise, before, 42 THE DAYS OF ALFRED IN "It comes to my my Then I shall never see He must remember me son again. " heart that she lifted the little in my jewel on his chain, kissed it lightly, and said in a chanting tone and with a strange far-away look " My people had the gift of prophecy. Some: times to me too not of the full, it comes, and present, my but of thought the is future.

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