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Buildings of Spherical Type and Finite BN-Pairs by J. Tits

By J. Tits

Those notes are a touch revised and prolonged model of mim- graphed notes written at the party of a seminar on structures and BN-pairs held at Oberwolfach in April 1968. Their major function is to give the answer of the subsequent difficulties: (A) selection of the structures of rank >; and irreducible, round sort, except ~ and H ("of round sort" potential "with finite Weyl four group", in regards to the excluded varieties H, cf. the addenda on p. 274). approximately talking, these constructions all become linked to easy algebraic or classical teams (cf. 6. ;, 6. 1;, eight. four. ;, eight. 22, nine. 1, 10. 2). a simple software presents the enumeration of all finite teams with BN-pairs of irreducible kind and rank >;, as much as general subgroups contained in B (cf. eleven. 7). (B) selection of all isomorphisms among constructions of rank > 2 and round kind linked to algebraic or classical easy teams and, in parti­ cular, description of the complete automorphism teams of such constructions (cf. five. eight, five. nine, five. 10, 6. 6, 6. 1;, eight. 6, nine. ;, 10. 4). with the exception of the appendices, the notes are relatively strictly orientated - ward those targets.

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