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Building Comprehension - Grade 8 by Ellen M Dolan

By Ellen M Dolan

Attractive tales masking well-known figures, activities personalities and occasions, mysteries, mess ups, legends and mythology, and remarkable proof in technological know-how and nature carry scholars curiosity and trap their imaginations. A managed vocabulary averaging clarity degrees lower than content material guarantees figuring out and promotes self belief. Follow-up questions make stronger key comprehension talents.

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Find out the nature of a sports injury. © Milliken Publishing Company Inference 5. You can tell from the story that sports doctors probably do not a. weigh their patients. b. remove tonsi Is. c. give medicine. Drawing Conclusions 6. A sports doctor might regularly advise patients on a. how much sleep they need. b. where to buy the best gym clothes. c. how fast a truck can be driven. Following Through 7. Check the telephone directory in your town and see if you have a sports diagnostic center or a free hot line.

B. the high lama. c. Edmund Hillary. 3. The Sherpa learned about the best paths by a. studying maps. b. crossing the mountains for trade. c. passing down stories. Context Clues 4. The word synonymous means a. about the same as. b. Sherpan for guide. c. short for guess. © Milliken Publishing Company Inference 5. From what you have read, you would guess that high mountain climbs would take a. several months. b. several days. c. several hours. Drawing Conclusions 6. The story leads you to conclude that the Sherpa have links with the people of a.

Huge ropes were thrown from the Trawler to the rescue boat, and both boats moved away from the iceberg. A few days later, everyone on shore was del ighted to see the Trawler pull into port with the rescue boat in tow. Main Idea Inference 1. Which boat had more difficulty? 4. How do you think the captain felt when he saw the iceberg? a. thrilled to have found land b. excited to have seen an iceberg c. frightened a. the rescue boat b. the Trawler c. the ocean liner Significant Details Drawing Conclusions 2.

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