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Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues by Y. C. Fung

By Y. C. Fung

The target of this publication continues to be just like that acknowledged within the first variation: to offer a complete point of view of biomechanics from the stand aspect of bioengineering, body structure, and scientific technology, and to increase mechanics via a chain of difficulties and examples. My three-volume set of Bio­ mechanics has been accomplished. they're entitled: Biomechanics: Mechanical homes of residing Tissues; Biodynamics: circulate; and Biomechanics: movement, movement, tension, and development; and this is often the 1st quantity. The mechanics prerequisite for all 3 volumes is still on the point of my ebook a primary direction in Continuum Mechanics (3rd version, Prentice-Hall, Inc. , 1993). within the decade of the Eighties the sector of Biomechanics extended tremen­ dously. New advances were made in all fronts. those who have an effect on the fundamental knowing of the mechanical homes of dwelling tissues are defined intimately during this revision. The references are cited thus far.

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10 Although the no-slip boundary condition on a solid wall is weIl accepted for homogeneous Newtonian viscous fluids such as air, water, and oil; for particulate flow of fluids such as the blood, which contains cellular bodies to the extent of about 45% by volume, one wonders if the no-slip condition applies at the solidfluid interface. Invent a method to investigate this problem. Design and sketch the apparatus needed for your investigation. Explain in detail why your method would be decisive.

13 Use of Viscoelastic Models Now consider a generalized Kelvin body of order 2. This may be represented symbolically as in Fig. (b). Compare this with Fig. 11: 1. We see that they are the same if 110 is replaced by gl(D)lfl (D), and all subscripts 1 are replaced by subscript 2. Thus we can deduce its differential equation, fz(D)F with fz(D) = f1(D) gz(D) = g1(D) = gz(D)u, (1 + :: (1 + :: (4) D), (5) D) + 'Izf1(D)D. Finally, consider the generalized Kelvin body of order n + 1 as shown in Fig. 12(a).

Note the extraordinarily wide range of frequency shown on the horizontal axis of Fig. 13: 1. At the room temperature, it is quite impossible to make experiments over such a wide range of frequencies. Actual tests were done at different temperatures, and the data were converted to room temperature by certain thermomechanical considerations. It often happens that many relaxation functions of the type of Eq. (1) can fit the relaxation data (because the determination of the constants Cl' C2· •• r b r 2 .

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