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Biology of Termites: a Modern Synthesis by Paul Eggleton (auth.), David Edward Bignell, Yves Roisin,

By Paul Eggleton (auth.), David Edward Bignell, Yves Roisin, Nathan Lo (eds.)

Biology of Termites, a latest Synthesis brings jointly the foremost advances in termite biology, phylogenetics, social evolution and biogeography made within the decade seeing that Abe et al Termites: Evolution, Sociality, Symbioses, Ecology grew to become the normal smooth reference paintings on termite technology. development at the luck of the Kluwer ebook, David Bignell, Yves Roisin and Nathan Lo have introduced jointly within the new quantity lots of the world’s prime specialists on termite taxonomy, behaviour, genetics, caste differentiation, body structure, microbiology, mound structure, distribution and regulate. Very powerful evolutionary and developmental topics run in the course of the person chapters, fed by way of new facts streams from molecular sequencing, and for the 1st time it's attainable to check the social enterprise of termites with that of the social Hymenoptera, concentrating on caste decision, inhabitants genetics, cooperative behaviour, nest hygiene and symbioses with microorganisms. New chapters were additional on termite pheromones, termites as pests of agriculture and on damaging invasive species, and new molecular and cladistic frameworks are offered for clarifying taxonomy, specially within the greater termites which dominate many tropical ecosystems. utilized entomologists, developmental and evolutionary biologists, microbial ecologists, sociobiologists and tropical agriculture experts will all enjoy the new insights supplied by means of this work.

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Inner and outer refer to the position of the posterior mesenteric extension forming the mixed segment, and are with respect to the edge of the intestinal coil in situ (see Sands 1998). Feeding groups are those of Donovan et al. (2001). IIf refers to feeding-group II fungus-growing termites Mixed segment Feeding groups Malpighian tubule attachment Malpighian knot Foraminitermitinae, Macrotermitinae Sphaerotermitinae Apicotermitinae Termitinae, nasutitermitinae No IIf At midguthindgut junction No No II, III At midgut-hindgut junction Inner III, IV To posterior midgut Outer II, III, IV At midgut-hindgut junction Pseudo- True True Prestwich (1984) classified termite soldiers according to their physical and chemical defences.

Afri J Ecol 32:222–232 Sands WA (1982) Agonistic behavior of African soldierless Apicotermitinae (Isoptera, Termitidae). Sociobiology 7:61–72 Sands WA (1998) The identification of worker castes of termite genera from soil of African and the Middle East. CAB International, Wallingford, CT Santos CA, Costa-Leonard AM (2006) Anatomy of the frontal gland and ultramorphology of the frontal tube in the soldier caste of species of Nasutitermitinae (Isoptera, Termitidae). Microsc Res Tech 69:913–918 Scholtz OI, Macleod N, Eggleton P (2008) Termite soldier defence strategies: a reassessment of Prestwich’s classification and an examination of the evolution of defence morphology using extended eigenshape analyses of head morphology.

After many decades where vague hypotheses and poor taxon sampling were typical (reviewed by Eggleton 2001), we can finally put forward corroborated hypotheses of relationships among a properly representative set of taxa. In this chapter we begin by examining the position of termites among the Dictyoptera, and describe the co-cladogenesis of two groups of symbionts with their termite and cockroach hosts: the intracellular symbiont Blattabacterium cuenoti (known simply as Blattabacterium), and intestinal parabasalid and oxymonad cellulolytic flagellates.

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