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Biological Psychiatry, Third Edition by Michael R. Trimble, Mark S. George

By Michael R. Trimble, Mark S. George

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Some of the more relevant receptors for psychiatry are now presented. Dopamine It is now accepted that there are five types of dopamine receptor (DA1 – 5 ). They are all linked with a binding protein, and all have been cloned. DA3 DA4 DA5 phospholipase C 3 paleostriatum archicerebellum hypothalamus ? 2). The first subfamily of receptors couples with adenylate cyclase, and the other subfamily couples with phospholipase C, which then inhibits adenylate cyclase. The distribution of the D1 and the D2 receptors is wide compared with the others, but this does not relate to functional significance.

9 The action potential and its components. Vr, resting membrane potential; CFL, critical firing level (Biol Psych, 2 Ed, p. 55) 12 Biological Psychiatry refire or oscillate at very high frequencies (several hundred events per second). This is in contrast to the megahertz frequencies sometimes used in modern electronics or computers. However, neurone also have the ability to amplify their signal; that is, once the axon is triggered, it can spread to the full tree of the axon, and potentially interact with thousands of other neurone.

The synaptic region of the neurone is highly specialized for the storage and release of neurotransmitters. The latter are contained in storage vesicles along with ATP and proteins, and are there protected from breakdown by intracytoplasmic degradation enzymes. Release of the transmitter into the synaptic cleft is by exocytosis, and quanta of transmitter are shed into the synaptic cleft. This process requires calcium, which interacts with presynaptic release areas, facilitating fusion between the vesicle and cell membranes.

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