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Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases of Pome Fruit by Davide Spadaro

By Davide Spadaro

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1998). Future studies will also concentrate on the potential of resistance induced in the host tissue (Arras, 1996; Wilson and ElGhaouth, 1993). It would be interesting to evaluate the curve of the antagonist population on the carposphere, but it was not possible to mark the biocontrol agents for the sensitivity to antibiotics to differentiate them from the indigenous population. Trials of sensitivity to seven antibiotics resulted in a similar level of tolerance, between the four isolates and the population of yeasts present on the fruit (data not shown).

Development of production, formulation Galliano, and delivery systems. Proceedings of the Biocontrol capability of Metschnikowia Brighton pulcherrima and Pseudomonas syringae Crop Brighton, Protection England, Conference, November 21-24, 1994, vol. 3, pp. 1273-1280. Nutritional biocontrol of enhancement blue mold on of apples. Phytopathology 82, 1364-1370. , 1991. , 1997. against postharvest rots of apple under semi-commercial condition. Meded. Fac. , 1992. , Landbouww. Univ. Gent 62, 1065-1070.

Dipping boxes of apples cv Golden delicious in a suspension of 107 antagonist cells ml-1 and storing for 8 months in controlled atmosphere at 1°C, the isolates showed control capability against B. cinerea and P. expansum similar to thiabendazole. ; Penicillium expansum; postharvest rot; storage. 1. , are particularly severe even in production 25 Chapter 2 ________________________________________________________________________ areas where the most advanced storage technologies are available (Eckert and Ogawa, 1988).

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