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Beyond the Family Romance: The Legend of Pascoli by Maria Truglio

By Maria Truglio

Giovanni Pascoli (1855-1912) is certainly one of Italy's such a lot canonical and loved poets. In Beyond the family members Romance, Maria Truglio bargains clean perception into the uncanny traits of Pascoli's family verse. As advised through the Freudian name, this examine opens a discussion among Pascoli's literature and Freud's theories, with a selected concentrate on each one author's interrogation of origins. via shut readings and historic contextualization, topics of regression, reminiscence, and different manifestations of 'origins' are analyzed, relocating Pascoli's poetry past the biographical strictures that experience hitherto restricted it.

Truglio's post-structuralist readings query the dichotomy among 'safety in the domestic' and the 'threatening open air world,' revealing the ambivalences with which pictures of the house are fraught in Pascoli's poetry. as well as the sustained comparability with Freud's writing, past the kin Romance explores parallels among Pascoli's paintings and such writers as Tarchetti, Boito, Poe, and Invernizio. Rethinking the idea that of the fanciullino ('little child'), Truglio indicates that Pascoli's poetry enacts a symbiosis among the common sense of the rational sleek grownup and the mythic imaginative and prescient of the child.

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Zvanì! [but the mouth is full of dirt: your mouth! with your kisses, already so sorrowful in those days! in those blessed and fleeting days when your kisses were given to ... (my translation)] As a fetish, this fixation functions as a sort of defence against or mitigation of the actual beloved or desired object. We might think of a fetish, as described by Freud, as a sort of psychological synecdoche – it stands in for the desire for the whole, in this case for the consolatory and lifegiving presence of the mother.

My approach here resembles Day’s in that I am comparing the scapigliatura movement to psychoanalysis, and many of the parallels he delineates between Freudianism and the English tradition obtain in the Italian context as well. However, I do not subscribe to the assessment of psychoanalysis as a controlling, synthetic system. Rather, I suggest that its status as an open, unstable, and destabilizing discourse provides the most substantial affinities with Gothic Italian literature. The British Gothic novels of Anne Radcliffe, such as A Sicilian Romance (1790), The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794), and The Italian (1797) represented Italy as the culture most conducive to eliciting the effect of anxiety.

Weber’s analysis of Saussure’s analogy is particularly helpful here. As Saussure notes, ‘But of all comparisons that might be imagined, the most fruitful is the one that might be drawn between the play of language [langue] and chess. In both instances we are confronted with a system of values and with their modifications. ’ He insists that it destabilizes, rather than illustrates, Saussure’s distinction between langue and parole. There are two types of rules, Weber points out: the formal rules of the game, and the less fixed rules of strategy.

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