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Battle in the East: The German Army in Russia (Concord 6519) by Gordon; Andrew, Stephen Rottman

By Gordon; Andrew, Stephen Rottman

Conflict within the East: The German military in Russia is written through Gordon Rottman & Stephen Andrew and released by way of harmony courses corporation. The e-book is an illustrated historical past of the combating in Russia. It comes with remark and black and white pictures. The publication beneficial properties a number of colour plates of the German soldier.The publication is new and unread.

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The patrol leader wears an animal skin greatcoat with an unusually large fur collar. There was no standard design for these coats. 45 A ski-equipped Gebirgsjager unit moves forward. Note the rucksacks carried by most. They are following a field cable line linked to a higher headquarters. Telephone and cable (containing multiple phone lines) were often used as route markers between units. 92mm Gew33/40 rifles, were which often substituted for Kar98ks in mountain units. While called a "rifle," the Gew33/40 was actually a shorter weapon.

Each artillery piece with its own limber was accompanied by a caisson with additional ammunition and equipment. Between the artillery piece and caisson a single gun required 12 draft horses while the howitzer was serviced by only a nine-man crew. The artillerymen wear their shelter-quarters (Zeltbahnen) as rain garments. The Rasputitza, the Russian autumn rains began in mid­ September. " 33 A Waffen-SS telephone post situated under a rock ledge. The two signalmen, nicknamed line-pluggers (Strippenzieher), wear the special Waffen-SS winter insulated suit.

A Stg 24 stick hand grenade lays ready on the gun platform. 46 A Landser builds an ice block shelter using techniques akin to those for building Eskimo-style igloos. He wears a white anorak jacket. The Wehrmachts Adler (eagle) was not usually sewn to anoraks or other winter camouflage clothing. A knitted white wool cover has been fitted to his field cap. This was designed for the mountain cap (BergmOtze). His hands are protected by waterproof three-finger mittens. Winter 1943/44. This NCO or officer is wearing the two-piece snowsuit (Schneetarnanzug) with the hood over his universal field cap.

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