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Batteries 2. Research and Development in Non-Mechanical by D. H. Collins

By D. H. Collins

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O ' M . Electrochemical Constants, Nat. Bur. Stand. Circular 524 (1954). BOWDEN, F. P. Proc. Roy. Soc. A126, 107 (1929). Rius, A . , LLOPIS, J . and GINER, J . Anales real Soc. espan. Fis. Quim. B49, 329 (1953). BOCKRIS, J . O ' M . and H u £ , A . K. M . Proc. Roy. Soc. A237, 277 (1956). BOCKRIS, J . O ' M . Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry. Butterworths, London, 1954. DISCUSSION J . P. BRENET (University of Strasbourg, France) : From Table 1 it appears that you have a maximum of overpotential at the molality 6-18.

T h e commercially pure lead test electrodes consisted of 3 X 2-5 X 0-1 c m sheet welded to 0-8 c m diameter rod which served as both support and electrical conductor. T h e cathode was a coiled platinum wire. T h e test electrode surface was prepared by abrading with wet 250, 400 and 500 grade emery cloth. T h e whole o f the electrode except a one centimetre square was protected with an inert air-drying lacquer (Lacomit). W h e n this coating was dry and hard, the metal left exposed was further polished with fine alumina and rinsed in sulphuric acid.

It is highly probable that the free lead particles will be covered b y an oxide film and since it has been suggested that all the oxide in the paste must be covered by a layer o f tribasic sulphate, we must include in our model lead particles covered by a layer o f oxide in turn covered b y a layer o f sulphate. Therefore, in order to oxidize these lead particles further it will be necessary for either Lead in the Presence of Sulphate Ions 47 oxide ions to diffuse inwards through the sulphate and oxide layers or metal ions outwards.

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