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Bathing the Lion by Jonathan Carroll

By Jonathan Carroll

In Jonathan Carroll's surreal masterpiece, Bathing the Lion, 5 those who dwell within the related New England city nod off one evening and all percentage an analogous hyper-realistic dream. a few of these humans recognize one another; a few don’t.

When they wake the following day them all be aware of what has occurred. All 5 have been at one time “mechanics,” one of those cosmic repairman whose task is to maintain order within the universe and freshen up the messes made either through sentient beings and the definitely fearsome but inevitable Chaos that periodically rolls via, wreaking mayhem at any place it touches down—a form of infinitely robust, cruel twister. as the task of a mechanic is grueling and laborious, after a definite interval them all are retired and despatched to varied components of the cosmos to dwell out their days as "civilians." Their thoughts are cleaned and new identities are created for them that healthy the areas they visit dwell out their normal lives to the tip.

For the 1st time all retired mechanics are being introduced again to accountability: Chaos has a brand new plan, and it's no longer having a look stable for mankind...

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