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Balanced Scorecard Report - The Strategy Execution Source - by Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

By Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

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Costa (1,485 officers and men) Dobbelstein Horse (Cologne) Wolframsdorff Horse (Bavaria) Costa Horse (Bavaria) Prinz Philipp Carabiniers (Bavaria) Brig. Rosen (829 officers and men) Royal Cravattes (French) Rosen Horse (French) Brig. Weickel (1,080 officers and men) Leibregiment zu Pferd (Cologne) Weickel Cuirassiers (Bavaria) Arco (Bavaria) Brig. Santini (1,050 officers and men) Guardia Wallonia (Spain–Walloon) Leibregiment zu Pferd (Cologne) Leibregiment zu Pferd (Bavaria) Brig. d’Escorial (1,210 officers and men) Pasteur Dragoons (Spain) Rysbourg Dragoons (Spain) Maître-General de Camp Dragoons (French) 3 sqns 2 sqns 2 sqns 3 sqns 3 sqns 3 sqns 1 sqn 3 sqns 3 sqns 3 sqns 3 sqns ARTILLERY Royal Artillery Bombardiers Spanish, Bavarian and Cologne Total 1 bn, 500 officers and men 1 bn, 500 officers and men 500 officers and men 2 bns, 1,500 officers and men As with the Allied Army, the exact details of the artillery deployed by the Bourbon forces vary over a number of differing accounts but, given standard French practice, we can reasonably estimate the number and type of cannon as follows: 12 x 16–24-pdr, 20 x 6–12-pdr, 38 x 4-pdr Given the above, the French train would have consisted of between 40 and 44 artillery pieces, with the remainder comprising the Spanish train.

Weapons of such quality were generally privately purchased and were highly prized owing to their reliability in close combat. 1300HRS (PP. 50–51) Having easily swept aside the Bourbon outposts in Franquenée and Taviers, Werdmüller’s ad hoc brigade has continued its advance to the confluence of the Mehaigne and the Vissoule (1) only to find its way barred by the remaining companies of the 3rd Battalion of the Greder (Suisse) regiment (2) which have deployed on some rising ground shielded by both waterways.

In reality, Clare was engaged against the Dutch Scots Brigade within the centre of Ramillies village. (Author's collection) villages which formed bastions along the Bourbon front line, but rather the open terrain to the south of Ramillies, which would, once secured, grant egress to the enemy’s rear and line of retreat. He therefore decided to detach a brigade of foot to sweep down the valley of the Mehaigne to Taviers with orders to clear out any enemy troops, whilst simultaneously massing his British brigades on the extreme right of the infantry line placing them in a position to attack the village of Autre-Église, the anchor point of the Bourbon left flank.

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