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Applications of Operations Research to Health Care Delivery by Brant E. Fries

By Brant E. Fries

L-';icoI: .io::: .; zero: (1llL .aL'.On; n: \.!iI: -c:: te"hniC), 'l::: s )at shape: .he r.0re of tradioni"! ope!"a tions study curric..I1u::1s. The: .;e mi::: oJ5 ir..:: lu !e techni(j"ef' witn particular applic: ltions: the ti)Cori of

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Lie develops a computer algorith= w~ich ev~~uate~ c1n~tive patient's requests for hospitclization given their pro~ability distribu'·~on of LOS. Admission dates a==ccpt,~bl ...! y of nn over~lc'''' or beds or of over-utilization of hos,Jital servic~s. The feasible date that best balances the h05pita1's t~rgct occupancy and the patient's preferrcd data of ad:':lission i, th-::-n choscn. Finally, ~ne article bi WED~ ET AL. ve or deterJ:lining the! number o! tal (tc. be used as the basis for an assu:':",~~ target-census rule;.

Till need to b~ determined. It shoul,! be noLe" thClt the two sections following this one are co~cerned ~ith staffing, including that of these "special facilities. " The facillties includl"d here Clre those directly associated wit~ patient care. ,. :y beds, and is di scussed in the section on bej determi~ation; the problems of scheduling in outpatient clinics has attracted sufficient attention to warrent discussion in ~ sepa~atp. t>cctioll. The bulk of work in this section concerns the management cf operating rooms, a key clement in any lnpatient facility and second in impo~tance only, perhaps, to the management of inpatient beds.

The results on extract thc essential parts of McCL/\I~ cI common basis and to t~e proble~. ttivc to compilrc the '110dcls o[ 'iollng, Shoaic:: and J~lckson, under more rcalistic conditions. ': (,f VIt iellts durin'J the day, .. nd of the effect of occuP:I;,cy-contL"olling carll' discharge, all with the <]c><11 of id~ntHying the simplest ",ooel possible for plLnnir,~ L:lective admissions. A model presented by ESOGnUE i\~D SmGII (197Gc) is in SO:-:1e manners similar to those cited "thus falL, this se,;ti')n.

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