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Anglo-Dutch Relations from the Earliest Times to the Death by J. F. Bense Lit. Ph. D. (auth.)

By J. F. Bense Lit. Ph. D. (auth.)

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341,655. - 3 ) A. I. 56-7. - ') L C. I. 650. - 6 ) Gr. 93-4. - 6 ) Ibid. 92. - 7) Sur. 41, 73, 75-6. 317. 24 1066-1272 burg, Bremen and Lübeck, which towns had a great influence on England, not only because of the trade, but through settlers who emigrated to England 1 ), the development of the carrying trade between Ripen and Harnburg and England done by the Frisians of Groningen and Stavoren 2), the first gild of German merchants in London in or perhaps even before the 12th century, when special privileges were accorded to the German traders settled there 3), the important privileges granted by Henry II.

36 1272-1520 plies of wool they needed. These must ha ve been very strong inducements for the emigrants to settle in England, where they were welcome to ply their trade under royal protection, wherever they chose to dwell, especially if they would amalgamate with the native population, which it was not hard to do, for by the end of the 13th century the English municipalities had advanced so far that they were able to absorb the foreign artisan 1). This very absorption of the Flemish artisans in the native population makes it all the more difficult to trace them.

Ann. 153; A. I. 25. - •) A. I. 40. - 1) Ibid. 29 note •. •) In King John's reign, a century later, we hear of the Flemings of Pembroke being forced to do hernage to Llewellyn (Gr. 166). 1) Th. II. 20-1. The particulars we owe to the kindness of Prof. A. Mawer and Dr. R. Paterson. 1 ) Ibid. 20. 8 ) Th. II. 154. 7) Ibid. 21; Gr. 165. 1) 20 1272-1520 SMAll IN FL~MISH TH~ (THOst a·. 12TH SETTLlM~NTS C~NTURY. D(C) WtfU: COLOMfESJ 1066-1272 21 came harne from Wales, of the coatsofmailand thelargeFlemish horses, of the strength and the fighting power of Strongbow's companions; and when about the year 1169 Dermot Mac-Morrogh, Kingof Leinster, overcome by neighbouring chiefs and dethroned by his own subjects, was granted permission by Henry II.

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