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Anatomy of the Horse: An Illustrated Text (Vet by Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

By Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

A revised version of a truly winning booklet. the hot version includes new chapters at the eye, stomach, lady copy, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is fantastically illustrated all through with color drawings, photos, and radiographs supplying the reader with special details at the constitution, functionality, and scientific program of all equine physique platforms and their interplay within the reside animal. Already said through scholars and lecturers as a necessary source for studying and revision, this 5th variation could be a necessary reference for veterinary practitioners and in case you personal and paintings with horses.

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Condyles a) Simple condylar joint b) Femoral trochlea with patella b) Simple gliding joint a) Mainly flexion and extension; tightening ligs. slow movement Gliding Ligaments: transverse acetabular; of femoral head; accessory; articular labrum deepens acetabulum Ligaments of the femorotibial joint: attach menisci to tibia and femur; cran. and caud. cruciates; med. and lat. , intermediate, and lat. patellars; med. and lat. femoropatellars c) Proximal tibiofibular joint, communicates with the femorotibial joint III.

This grossly separates the hard hoof epidermis from the underlying dermis by destroying the soft basal and spinous layers, but leaving the stratum corneum (the actual hoof capsule) intact. The two upper left Figures on the opposite page illustrate that the interior of the hoof capsule can be likened to the (negative) imprint of the (positive) dermis-covered foot from which the capsule was removed. The hoof capsule* consists of wall, sole, frog and bulb. The wall (10, 11) is the part visible in the standing horse.

Of the head of the femur Accessory ligament Labrum of acetabulum Transverse acetabular lig. Joint capsule Hip joint (Craniolateral view) (Craniolateral view) (Caudal view) Patella Med. femoropatellar lig. Meniscofemoral lig. Prox. infrapatellar bursa Popliteus tendon Caudal meniscotibial lig. of lat. meniscus Caudal cruciate lig. Menisci Lat. femoropatellar lig. Intermediate patellar lig. Lat. patellar lig. Popliteus tendon Lat. and med. collat. ligg. Med. patellar lig. Long dig. extensor tendon Peroneus tertius tendon Dist.

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