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Analecta Husserliana: The Yearbook of Phenomenological by Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (auth.), Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

By Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (auth.), Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka (eds.)

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What has been sealed off by the reduction is then 'brought back' into the subject matter of philosophy by means of phenomenology'S conceptions of intentionality and constitution; as the totality of all meaning, the world, however, participates now in all the privileges of the 'genuinely immanent', particularly in the apodictic evidence with which it presents itself to the subjectivity. ' And if we now ask ourselves what the source of this basic disagreement is, then it is clear, it seems to me, that the root of all philosophical truth (which for Husserl as well as for Heidegger is to be found in transcendental subjectivity) consists for Husserl in a subjectivity which originally is world-less, whereas WORLD-CONSTITUTION 33 for Heidegger the 'ultimate' starting point for philosophy is to be found in man as Being-in-the-world.

In dem ganzen Verlauf einer solchen Mannigfaltigkeit werden die jetzigen Wahrnehmungen durch spatere Wahrnehmungen entweder bestatigt, bekraftigt oder entkraftigt. s. eine gewisse, unerwartete Losung dessen ein, was jetzt gegeben und angekundigt wird. Viertens: jeder Wahrnehmungsakt ist noch auf eine andere Weise in gewissem Sinne strukturell unselbstandig. Er ist namlich umrahmt einerseits durch die sogenannte Retention, die sich auf das bezieht, was soeben vorbeigegangen ist, oder gerade vorbeigeht; und andererseits durch eine Protention, die sich auf das bezieht, was gerade eintritt, nachfolgt, was zum Erscheinen kommt.

42 In another and even more complicated manner evidences refer to infinities of evidence relating to the same object. For they make their object itself be given with an essential onesidedness because of the perspectivism and the inner horizon both of which are characteristic for every real and perceptible thing. This onesidedness is found not oruy in the totality of all evidences of the real and objective world as a whole, but also in every particular object that belongs to it. The evidence pertaining to particular objects in a real and objective world is rooted in 'external experience' ; in this case there is no other mode of self-presentation for such an object.

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