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An Interpretation of Existence by Joseph Owens

By Joseph Owens

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Accordingly, every other aspect in the thing presupposes existence. An individual can be a man without being Socrates, and an animal without being a man. All other categorical aspects could be eliminated in turn, each one always leaving some other nature that could take its place as an object of consideration. If it is not a quantity, it could be a quality or 10 See Chapter II, nn. 19-24. Seen. 4, and Chapter II, n. 15. 2 Discussions of this topic. may be found in my articles, ''Common Nature: A Point of Comparison between Thomistic and Scotistic Metaphysics," Mediaeval Studies XIX (1957), pp.

Spiazzi edition, the lines immediately preceding the above passage seem to provide for the composition of generic and specific natures both in the object and in the activity of judgment: ". . ipsa. compositio formae ad materiam, aut eius quod se habet per madum formae et materiae, vel etiam compositio accidentis ad subiectum, . (". . the very composi­ tion of the form with the matter, or of what serves as the form with the matter, or even the composition of an accident with a subject . . ) Ibid.

If in this respect of priority it is depend­ of the old? ent upon something, it is certainly dependent on something other than the subject in which it inheres. The conclusion that the angles of a triangle are equal to two right angles is not contained in the definition of a triangle. The import and the unusual direction of this reasoning Nor is it contained in the notion of a parailel line drawn would be hard to overemphasize. Here one is dealing with a through the apex. But these two notions when taken together characteristic in the existent thing that leads to something in result in the new knowledge contained in the conclusion.

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