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Gothic Romance

Amadas and Ydoine, translated by Ross G. Arthur by Ross Gilbert Arthur

By Ross Gilbert Arthur

First released in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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Example text

1765) When Amadas heard the messenger telling him of this disaster, he felt such great distress that he could not utter a single word. He stood there for a long time, completely stunned and so astonished that he couldnÕt understand anything at all. Ó (1778) ÒThen another man is to have her? What! Another man will hold my beautiful sweetheart in his power, in his arms, and I who have loved her for such a long time will not! Ó (1784) ÒTrue, dear lord, by my faith. I saw it: the Count of Nevers asked for her the other day in Dijon, whether she wanted it or not.

Garinet returned his greeting, and then courteously asked him for hospitality. The host was joyous and happy about that; he welcomed him properly and had his horse taken to a comfortable stable. Then he asked quickly for water; it was all prepared, and a fine towel was made ready. They were about to sit down to eat when there was a little disturbance. (2701) A great uproar arose in the high street, as it did every day. Garinet wasnÕt especially interested in it, but everyone who knew the situation rushed to the doors and windows to look at the strange spectacle.

Then they set out in great sorrow and went straight back to Burgundy, the saddest people in the world. These unhappy people continued their journey by stages until they came to one of his fatherÕs castles. They behaved very secretly and concealed their misfortune. They dealt with the evil prudently: they did not want to cause an uproar or a public scandal about this harsh and evil disaster, for they were very upset. They sent word privately to their lord, AmadasÕs father, and told him exactly how this sad situation came about.

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