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Alternatives to Involuntary Death by Timothy Leary

By Timothy Leary

Publish yr note: First released November 1st 2008

Death is more and more at the schedule for child boomers relocating ever towards it. Timothy Leary brings a few startlingly clean rules to this subject. essentially, he claims, we've been brainwashed by way of our associations — executive, equipped faith, the healthcare — to just accept demise as an inevitable finish. Leary argues in its place that demise is misunderstood, that we don't have to die, and that there are "commonsense alternatives."

His conception rests at the transhumanist strategy that claims humans are evolving into religious machines — beings which are half human and half computer and finally won't die because the time period is usually understood. Being geared up with desktop elements like bionic knees is a part of this procedure. And as we evolve in the course of the cybernetic age, he says, we are going to achieve new knowledge that broadens our definition of private immortality and gene-pool survival — the "postbiologic choice of the knowledge species."

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The death rattle is a sound that is produced when air moves through mucus that has accumulated in the throat of a dying person after loss of the cough reflex and loss of the ability to swallow. This is a very common symptom, though it does not always occur prior to death. The death rattle does not cause any discomfort to the patient, however, family members frequently find the sound disturbing. The death rattle is an indication that death is very near. This type of breathing may go on for hours, but usually the patient will die within 24 hours of onset.

Curcumin appears to be an amazing natural neuroprotectant, at least as good for your brain as DHA/ fish oils, and perhaps even better. D. Dr. Cole has systematically explored potential Alzheimer’s prevention drugs including supplements like DHA, NSAIDs, vitamin E, and many others, as well as the etiology and pathophysiology of neurodegeneration. Animal trials with curcumin revealed that it has a powerful protective effect against the emergence of mental problems. Curcumin is the only known therapy other than caloric restriction (discussed next) that 56 Timothy Leary reliably extends lifespan (about 10-12%) in laboratory mice.

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