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Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response by A. W. Babister (Auth.)

By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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The most important contribution to these derivatives arises from the change of incidence at the tailplane due to the angular velocity in pitch, q, of the aircraft. The tailplane then has a downward velocity qly where 1% is the distance of the aerodynamic 9 centre of the tailplane aft of the centre of gravity of the aircraft. Combining this with the forward velocity V of the aircraft, we see that the change in incie dence at the tailplane is qlrp/V . & Differentiating Eq. 10) with respect to q 9 and then using Eq.

47) and, from Eq. 49) 2 Now, in steady flight, from Eq. 50) Similarly, from Eq. 51) = - C L in the initial steady flight. Dividing E q s . 63) AMERICAN NON-DIMENSIONAL CONTROL DERIVATIVES C x , CZ DUE TO ELEVATOR £ In American notation, the elevator angle is denoted by , C m e ° 6. 66) REFERENCES 1. R. A scheme of notation and nomenclature associated aerodynamics. R. & M. 3562 (1970). 2. M. Estimation of stability derivatives (State of the a r t ) . A . R . C . Tech. Report C P . No. 664 (1963); also AGARD Report 339 (1961).

51) by 2 ee 9 U2/lP y e eS H a. 49) to ( 2 . 5 1 ) + yp v p Zy5 + (D+l )p p n^S + (e D+n )p z p where /\± r = -Yr 2 n \ r , r x r= - i V r/ i 3 p= -Np/iz, n > 2 x, n^ = -\i N^/i . 124) ? 125) s # ez and g , l = -L /i x then become (D + y )v y lp = -Lp/i , x and g2 ^zx^x ^zxf^x ~^zxJ^z. xJ^z are given by E q . ( 2 . 1 1 7 ) . 126) Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response 26 As above, the differential operator is = d/di . 127) It should be noted that the present notation for both the aerodynamic derivatives and the concise derivatives differs from that used before 1970 (see references 2 and 3 ) .

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