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Adult Development: A New Dimension in Psychodynamic Theory by Calvin A. Colarusso M.D., Robert A. Nemiroff M.D. (auth.)

By Calvin A. Colarusso M.D., Robert A. Nemiroff M.D. (auth.)

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Modesty, ete. Phallic narcissism Exhibitionism, voyeurism Nymphomania Satyrisis Conversion hysteria perego Reality established Superego complete Id repressed into conscious I The continuations, sublimations, and reaction formations of the latency period include all the others in a socially modified form. Establishment of superego Normal sex life Reemergence of pleasure prindpie and id drives Personality com- plete Renuneiation of sex for art, seience, society Rejection of sex- uality Socially constructive work At the genital level there are no symptoms found 26 CHAPTER 2 ing forty "the no on of life," he described continued personality individuation du ring the second half of the life cyde.

His genius brought together biology and psychology, describing development as the interaction between forces within the organism (bioIogicaI constitution) and forces in the environment (life's psychological experiences), emphasizing not onIy the interaction of biological and psychoIogicaI variables, but the basic interdependence of organism and environment. The fundamental hypotheses of psychoanalytic deveIopmentaI psychology were described as early as 1905 in Freud's pioneering monograph, Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.

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