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A unified and complete construction of all finite by Zhang Y.-Z., Gould M.D.

By Zhang Y.-Z., Gould M.D.

Representations of the non-semisimple superalgebra gls2u2d within the average basisare investigated through the vector coherent nation process and boson-fermionrealization. All finite-dimensional irreducible average and abnormal representationsand lowest weight (indecomposable) Kac modules of gls2u2d are built explicitlythrough the specific development of all gls2d % gls2d particle states (multiplets)in phrases of boson and fermion production operators within the super-Fock space.This offers a unified and entire therapy of finite-dimensional representations ofgls2u2d in particular shape, crucial for the development of fundamental fields of thecorresponding present superalgebra at arbitrary point

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