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A Perfectly Good Family by Lionel Shriver

By Lionel Shriver

Following the loss of life of her precious liberal mom and dad, Corlis McCrea strikes again into her family's grand Reconstruction mansion in North Carolina, willed to all 3 siblings. Her timid more youthful brother hasn't ever left domestic. while her bullying black-sheep older brother strikes into "his" apartment besides, it's war.

Each inheritor wishes the home. but to shop for the opposite out, siblings needs to workforce opposed to one. simply as in girlhood, Corlis is torn among allying with the respectable yet worried youngest and the iconoclastic eldest, who covets his legacy to ruin it. A completely sturdy Family is a beautiful exam of inheritance, literal and mental: what we take from our mom and dad, what we discard, and what we're caught with, love it or no longer.

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