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3D Imaging in Endodontics: A New Era in Diagnosis and by Mohamed Fayad, BRADFORD R. JOHNSON


This publication is designed to supply the reader with a whole realizing of the function of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in aiding to unravel the various so much difficult difficulties in endodontics. it's going to shorten the training curve in program of this intriguing imaging method in various contexts: tricky diagnostic situations, therapy making plans, overview of inner teeth anatomy ahead of root canal remedy, nonsurgical and surgical remedies, early detection and remedy of resorptive defects, and results review.

The skill to procure a correct 3D illustration of a teeth and the encompassing buildings via noninvasive CBCT imaging is altering the method of medical determination making in endodontics. Clinicians lengthy conversant in operating in very small, 3-dimensional areas aren't any longer limited through the restrictions of two-dimensional imaging. The demanding situations of gaining knowledge of the hot expertise can, even if, be daunting. The distinctive information contained during this ebook can assist endodontists to take complete benefit of the real advantages provided through CBCT. ​

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The detection of periapical pathosis using periapical radiography and cone beam computed tomography – part 1: preoperative status. Int Endod J. 2012;45(8):702–10. 6. Patel S, Wilson R, Dawood A, Mannocci F. The detection of periapical pathosis using periapical radiography and cone beam computed tomography – part 2: a 1-year post-treatment followup. Int Endod J. 2012;45(8):711–23. 7. Sogur E, Grondahl H, Bakst G, Mert A. Does a combination of two radiographs increase accuracy in detecting acid-induced periapical lesions and does it approach the accuracy of conebeam computed tomography scanning.

A) Periapical radiograph for teeth numbers 8 and 9. Horizontal root fractures can be seen mid-root in both teeth. (b) Clinical picture of teeth #8 and 9. Periodontal probing depths were WNL. Marginal and attached gingiva demonstrated normal color and architecture. (c, d) are the sagittal views of teeth numbers 8 and 9, respectively. Note the oblique nature of the root fractures and bone fill between the coronal and apical segments in (d). (e) 3D reconstruction demonstrating the dislocation of the fractured segments.

E) Axial view showing a previous distobuccal root amputation site (purple arrow) that was not obvious on the periapical radiographs. I. R. Johnson a b c d Fig. 13 Continuation of case in Fig. 12 (a) Clinical picture after flap reflection showing both crestal and periapical lesions. (b) Communication between both defects. (c) Both defects grafted with an EnCore™ combination allograft (Osteogenics Biomedical, Lubbock, TX). (d) CopiOs pericardium membrane (Zimmer, Warsaw, IN) 3 Nonsurgical and Surgical Treatment Planning a 47 b c Fig.

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